Our Animal Family

Kubo – Anatolian Shepherd Dog. Kubo is in charge of both livestock and property security here at the farm. He is very good at his job; a true force of nature with a lot of energy and a very large stride. He loves fresh eggs with his breakfast every morning! When he’s not working, he enjoys long car rides and being with his humans.

Khali, Safi, Kikei, & Toto – Domestic Short Hair Cats. Found in our barn when they were just two weeks old, two brothers and two sisters. We brought everyone inside to shelter, safety,  warmth and food (and then fixed as soon as they were old enough!). They’re all big and healthy now: Khali, by far the biggest of the four, enjoys burrowing under warm blankets and has the personality of a big teddy bear. Safi, the smallest, is timid and easily frightened, and as a result likes to hide in various places around the house. She will however, come to us for treats and head boops on occasion. Kikei loves nothing more than kneading thick blankets, endlessly purring, and getting rubs from her humans, although she is quick to strike out if Kubo comes too close to her! Toto is the leader of the bunch, and the first to investigate something new. He enjoys honing his hunting technique by frequently practicing on his brother and sisters.

Chihiro & Haku – Potbellied Pigs. These lovely half sisters are the best of friends, and enjoy being hand-fed treats! They are extremely shy around new people but are very sweet once they warm up to someone!