Happy Chickens Lay Happy Eggs!

Our chickens have a large coop with plenty of room to nest and roost. Every evening we lock them in their safe and secure coop for the night, and every morning, we open the door and they have plenty of room to run around and engage in natural chicken behaviors such as scratching, digging, taking dirt baths, spreading their wings out nice and wide, and eating all the bugs they want.

Our chicken coop in the winter time. They’re nice and toasty warm inside!

Needless to say, our chickens are happy and healthy, and the quality of our eggs is a testament to that. Our yolks are often a rich golden yellow or a bright orange, indicative of the varied and natural diet of each chicken.

Look at that beautiful yolk!

We currently have eggs available for sale:

  • 1/2 Dozen = $3.00
  • 1 Dozen = $5.00

We invite you to taste the difference for yourself!